This grant is designed to provide one set of Readers’ Choice Award books (Monarch, Bluestem, Rebecca Caudill, or Abraham Lincoln) to a school. Application period March 16 – April 30.

General Information
Any Illinois library that is registered for the Monarch, Bluestem, Rebecca Caudill, or Lincoln award program. You must be registered for the appropriate year. To register visit the appropriate award website: AISLE Readers’ Choice Awards
Each recipient will receive one set of unprocessed award books.
The same application for multiple buildings will not be accepted. Each application must be designed for a specific library and student body.
If you apply for a grant two years in a row, you must expand the curricular area from the previous year. (Be aware that the awards are spread to as many districts as possible.)
Grant Application Information
Make sure that the registration is sent in if you have this done through your business office and do not directly register yourself. The $10.00 fee is meant to allow you access to the award materials and the voting; it is not a fee to apply for the grant. However, if you are not registered, you will be ineligible for a grant.
Go to the application page.
Look at the questions and the other information you will need to provide. Use the Rubric for details on answering the questions.
Consider your answers, complete the online form, and submit it by the April 30 deadline.
Grant recipients will be notified before August 1st.
Use the Checklist to make sure you have provided everything required.
If you are selected, LBSS will send your school a set of books and stickers.
For more information, please read the FAQ’s.