Historical Background

The Illinois School Library Media Association ​or I​​SLMA​ (now known as The Association of Illinois School Library Educators or AISLE)​ has established the Library Book Selection Service (LBSS) Endowment Fund after accepting the LBSS assets.

For many years the Library Book Selection Service provided quality literature for the children of Illinois. Many school libraries used their resources to select materials or purchase books for their collection. LBSS always supported ISLMA, and conference attendees could count on seeing their booth in the number one exhibit spot. We were greatly saddened by the decision to close the doors of LBSS.

The assets of LBSS were assumed by ISLMA (now AISLE)​, and the​ ​LBSS Endowment Fund was established. The fund trustees are dedicated to carrying on the tradition and spirit of LBSS which was to “provide the very best books to youth in Illinois.”

The first grants were awarded in 2008 from the LBSS Endowment Fund. School or public library participants registered for at least one of the Illinois Readers’ Choice Award programs-the Monarch, Bluestem, Rebecca Caudill, or Abraham Lincoln Award- may apply for a complete set of titles in the appropriate level. A second grant opportunity, Read for Information, which was started in 2012, provides nonfiction materials.

We are excited to carry on the LBSS vision. As the books from the grants start to reach the hands of children, we can continue to give students quality books to promote reading in Illinois.