LBSS Endowment Fund

The Illinois School Library Media Association ​or I​​SLMA​ (now known as The Association of Illinois School Library Educators or AISLE)​ has established the Library Book Selection Service (LBSS) Endowment Fund after accepting the LBSS assets.

Trustees of the LBSS Endowment Fund have set up grant opportunities for both public and private schools as well as public libraries participating in at least one of the Illinois Readers' Choice Award programs - the Monarch, Bluestem, Rebecca Caudill, or Abraham Lincoln Award. Those libraries interested may apply for a complete set of titles in one appropriate level.

In August of 2012 the LBSS Endowment Fund Board established a second grant to provide non-fiction materials to assist in meeting Common Core expectations for school libraries. These Read for Information grants are awarded each fall.

We are so excited about the chance to reach the children of Illinois and continue to promote reading in Illinois!



Click here to see the 2020 Readers Choice grant recipients.

LBSS Endowment Fund Read for Information Grant canceled for 2020-2021 school year

After consideration and discussion, the LBSS Endowment Fund has decided not to offer the usual Read for Information grant for the 2020-2021 school year. Grant deadlines mean that school librarians need to work with their colleagues in one school year to be ready to use grant-provided materials in the following school year. Since schools will not be reopening this school year, there will be many pieces that need to be picked up. Presently, educators are dealing with countless stressors as they work to keep students learning and their own families safe and healthy.

While we regret not being able to offer the Read for Information grant for the next school year, we are working on a new grant offering and expect to have details available in the fall.

Readers' Choice Grant Application

Offered in Spring

To make your grant application more successful please visit each of the following pages for helpful guidelines in writing your grant.

All application forms must be submitted online by 11:59 pm (CST) on April 30.

- Register for the appropriate award between March 16 and April 30.
- Submit application by the April 30 deadline.
- Expect to be notified by August 1.
- Watch for delivery of books after August 1.


Read for Information Grant Application


This grant was discontinued in 2020. To see a list of those schools that received the grant, please click here.

Date Modified: 9/2/20